A website for Steve Day, a writer, poet, musician, working within jazz/contemporary music and literature.


“The caged canary sings like a lark, these things happen when you,  build a wall through your heart.”

 A Lie Lied Twice from, Blazing Flame Play High Mountain Top, Leo Records CD LR 687








Steve Day is a writer, poet and percussionist.  He is currently contributing monthly reviews and other material to the online What’s New magazine hosted by www.sandybrownjazz.co.uk   Steve Day is also working in the medium of the short story.  Read a story on this website.  A short story collection is being prepared for publication. Get great bonuses on the site with no account casino. Limited offer.


About Steve Day:  


Barry McRae (Jazz Journal):  “He includes himself in the world around him. The important point is that Day is a real writer.”  


Francesca Odila Bellino (All That Jazz):  ‘…..simply amazing…. music to be enchanted by ….. this is beautiful as only stories told in poetry know how to be.’


Steve Day has recorded three CD’s for Leo Records under his own name; ‘Visitors‘ (LR 567), ‘Song of The Fly‘ (LR 600) and ‘Strewn With Pebbles‘ (LR 645) plus, ‘Blazing Flame Play High Mountain Top‘ (LR 687).  A recording of twelve of his songs featuring him in the centre of a nine piece band with among others, Keith and Julie Tippett.   


On Taran’s Free Jazz Hour pod-broadcast, click to listen to the programme featuring two tracks from the Blazing Flame CD.  The programme also features Taran Singh giving a superb reading of Langston Hughes’ ‘Six-Bits Blues’. 






 His books include:


Ornette Coleman: Music Always’ and ‘Two Full Ears: Listening to Improvised Music’, (Soundworld), now described as indie classics. He  contributed the chapter ‘Free Jazz’ to Masters of Jazz Saxophone‘, edited by Dave Gelly, (Miller Freeman Books) and produces liner notes for labels such as Leo, FMP and Splasch.  Musicians include: Anthony Braxton (USA), Antonio Moncada (Sicily), Carlo Actis Dato (Italy), Paul Dunmall (UK), Frank Gratkowski (Poland) and Mark O’Leary (Ireland).  


Steve Day has worked extensively with adults with profound learning disabilities. He won the University of the West of England Disability Studies Award for his published dissertation, ‘Cutting Up Sharks: Disability and PostModernism’ (BILD). Day has contributed to a number of books and articles on politics and disability including ‘Looks Like Leisure?’ (Church Livingstone).