Steve Day is a writer, poet, musician, working within jazz/contemporary music and literature.


"Why would an innocent man


offer up his own confession?" 


Self Imposed Public Trial from


 Curving Sentences: Selected Poems Vol 2




ISBN 978-1-78623-454-4   CURVING SENTENCES




ISBN 978-1-78623-166-6   THE EDGE OF ENGLAND


Steve Day's second collection of selected poems Curving Sentences is now available through Amazon and other retailers. He is a member of the poetry coalition BeforePoets, which also includes Julie Tippetts, James Stallard and Phil Madden  as well as the musicians, Mark Lanford, Julian Dale, Peter Evans and David Mowat.


Click here to hear: Steve Day and Mark Langford's duets based on three poems from the book The Edge Of EnglandSyd's Body, Connection Blues, I Know No Meaning For the Word Divine.




Steve Day is a writer, poet and percussionist and among the few independent British jazz writers to be quoted in the definitive Penguin Guide To Jazz (Cook/Morton):


"Writer Steve Day spins out a complicated conceit in his liner-notes, aligning this group (Anthony Braxton's Ninetet) with the 'Birth Of The Cool' band and Braxton's new music with Miles Davis's innovations of the 50's.  Temperamentally, it's probably difficult to imagine two musicians further apart, but it's clear that Miles has become an important resource and quiddity for Braxton in the later 90's and Day's analysis, lateral as it is, ends up absolutely on the money."




  • Steve Day is a member of Blazing Flame.  More info on the Blazing Flame page, click red.  
  • Their albums The Set List Shuffle and Wrecked Chateau are available on Leo Records.
  • For all live bookings and other media promotions in the UK/Europe contact Steve Day at: earssteveday(at)gmail(dot) com


 About Steve Day:

Anno (Music Zoom) Italy:  ".... a poet reciting, singing inspired verses." 



Zdenek Slaby (His Voice) Czech Republic: ".... I also admit I am fascinated by his concept.  Maybe he takes on some of the stress of this crazy world.  Like a flame that can burn a guard."



Barry McRae (Jazz Journal):  "He includes himself in the world around him.  The important point is that Day is a real writer." 


Francesca Odila Belliono (All That Jazz):  ".... this is beautiful as only stories told in poetry know how to be."


Joshua Breakstone (Jazz guitarist, commenting on a review):  "Your knowledge of my background, of the group itself, as well as your comments from a historical perspective on the three tunes you focused on was fabulous.... I learned a lot from what you had to impart...." 


Steve Day has recorded three CD's for Leo Records under his own name: Visitors (LR 567), Song Of The Fly (LR 600) and Strewn With Pebbles (LR 645) and with the original Blazing Flame collective, Blazing Flame Play High Mountain Top (LR 687) and Murmuration (LR 756).  Blazing Flame Quintet's albums are The Set List Shuffle (LR 788) and the new 2019, Wrecked Chateau (LR 855); the band is now known as Blazing Flame Quintet/6.



His books include: 


Ornette Coleman: Music Always and Two Full Ears: Listening to Improvised Music, (Soundworld).  He contributed the chapter Free Jazz to Masters of Jazz Saxophone, edited by Dave Gelly, (Miller Freeman Books).  His 2017 book (Listening to the music of) The Ganelin Trio: A Russian Triptych is not available in the UK.


Steve Day produces liner notes for labels such as Leo, FMP and Splasch.  Musicians include: Anthony Braxton (USA), Antonio Moncada (Silcily), Carlos Actis Dato (Italy), Paul Dunmall, Keith & Julie Tippett, Loz Speyer's Inner Space, Trevor Watts, (UK), Frank Gratkowski (Poland), Slava Ganelin (Russia) and Mark O'Leary (Ireland).


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