This page details the music of Steve Day and Blazing Flame available on Leo Records.


Discography and Jukebox 


Click on the Jukebox to listen to ‘My English State of Mind’ (from High Mountain Top) and ‘Jonny Eatcake Dub-Remix’ (Blaze-F dub recording not available on CD) drum break features cake-tin, Thai wood temple drum (Day) and two djembi (Henley).


Steve Day – Visitors, Leo Records (CD LR 567) 2010


 Steve Day


“… it is breathtakingly provocative. ‘Visitors’, a terrific hit in the Leo-catalog!” Jorg Konrad, Jazz Podium, 2010. 


1. Then I Saw It Was A Fox. 2. Visitors/Deep. 3. Diversity Springs. 4. Nemesis For Nina. 5. Ripe Orange Cordoba. 6. Weirdo. 7. Seducti et Abducti. 8. Flares From Gabriel’s Gate. 9. January 1649. 10. We Like Lunch. 11. Feed Me. 12. Constipation.  13. Those Old Solos. 14. The Road To Cairo. 15. Eating Up The Shoals Of Herring. 16. Y No. 17. Queer Church. 18. I’m Banking On It Baby.


 Steve Day – Song of The Fly, Leo Records (CD LR 600) 2011




“classy acoustic… Day’s beat-recalling poetry has Eastern leanings and BoHo swagger.” Tony Benjamin, Venue, 2011.


1. I Say To The Dharma. 2. Song Of The Fly/Day By Day. 3. Snow At Easter (for The Professor).  4. Gandhi’s Jacket.  5. Catwalk.  6. The Mona Lisa. 7. A Line through Language.  8. Persona Non Grata.


 Steve Day – Strewn With PebblesLeo Records (CD LR 645) 


 Steve Day 


“‘She Is The Angel’ features the beauty of the saxophone encompassing its full range.” Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy, 2012. 


1. In This Day And Age. 2. China Is A Superpower. 3. Beautiful Green. 4. The Great war Of Europe. 5. The English Spring. 6. She Is The Angel. 7. General Nuisance. 8. Tomes. 9. Nomads. 10. Leisure Pleasure Palace/Pebble By Pebble.


Blazing Flame Play High Mountain Top – Leo Records (CD LR 687) 2013  


 Steve Day



“Blazing Flame emerge victorious….” (4 Stars) David Cristol, Jazzman jazz magazine, 2013 



1. What’s Happening? 2. My English State Of Mind. 3. Baptised Boy. 4. There Was A Spark In The Heart Of Joan Of Arc. 5. No Birds In Purgatory. 6. I Don’t Think She Will/Elegy. 7. Cecil Taylor. 8. A Lie Lied Twice. 9. Son Of George. 10. Zoltan Shakes The Dice. 11. High Mountain Top. 12. Lament TV.



All of the above CDs are available through Leo Records, Amazon and other usual outlets. Click on the red links to Leo Records.