Blazing Flame Quintet/6 is: Steve Day, Peter Evans, Mark Langford, Julian Dale, David Mowat & Marco Anderson.  They use jazz improvisation in interpreting the songs/text of Steve Day. BeforePoets is: Steve Day, Julie Tippetts, James Stallard & Phil Madden; a 2019 performing poetry collective.                     





  • Sunday 4th August 2019 - BeforePoets (Steve Day, James Stallard, Mark Langford, Peter Evans, Julian Dale), Bristol Amnesty International Garden Party, Goldney Lodge, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1BH) 1.00pm.
  • Wednesday 2nd October 2019 - BeforePoets (Julie Tippetts, Steve Day, James Stallard, Phil Madden, Julian Dale, Peter Evans, Mark Langford, David Mowat), The Greenbank Hotel, Bristol, BS5 6DP, 7.30pm (plus support) Benefit: Amnesty International.


  • Friday 11th October 2019 - Steve Day, Mark Langford, David Mowat & Julian Dale, Lunchtime Live, Spoken Word & Music, St Francis, Southville, Bristol, BS3 2AN, 1.00pm.
  • Saturday 12th October 2019 - Steve Day - Spoken Word, CELEBRATE BRISTOL, Colston Hall, Bristol 

  • Friday 22nd November 2019 - Blazing Flame Quintet/6 (Steve Day, Peter Evans,  Mark Langford, David Mowat, Julian Dale, Marco Anderson), The Greenbank Hotel, Bristol, BS5 6DP, 7.30pm.





2020 gigs to be announced.  







Blazing Flame Quintet/6 on stage November 2018 at The Greenbank: David Mowat, trumpet, Marco Anderson, drums (hidden), Mark Langford, tenor sax, Steve Day, voice, percussion, Julian Dale, double bass, voice, Peter Evans, 5-string electric violin. 


  • Blazing Flame Quintet/6 - what was once five is now six. 
  • BFQ6 will be playing a range of venues in 2019 as well as continuing to play selected concerts in support of Amnesty International.  
  • BFQ6 released the 2019 album Wrecked Chateau on Leo Records. 
  • More live dates to be announced shortly.





  "The bloody loveliness of the Blazing Flames is once again electrifying."


George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly 2017, USA



Jazz is in debt to Ira Gershwin, his chord sequences are the foundation of many a band workout. Ironically Blazing Flame Quintet/6 rarely use chords, but this tune is nevertheless dedicated to the great man. Flaming Gershwin is a song that explores the mental 'fix' of improvising on predetermined composition. This version contains a studied tenor sax solo, probing violin and a pulse that builds bridges to the head and the feet. Experience BFQ6 live and it's like being drawn into a vortex of possibilities.




An unusual live version of High Tide, Peter's solo violin introduction is short and precise; Mark's tenor saxophone hints at longer breaks but stays tight. Steve chooses to miss out one of the early verses. For this gig the idea was to squeeze an 'eight minute cameo' into the set. The environmental lyric is clear, connecting words and music in a propelling performance. Listen to the drum n' bass; Marco and Julian are opposites who play like one. David's brass rides their helter skelter backline game-set-&-match. Currently Back Into The High Tide We Go is often the opening number of a BFQ6 gig.




Brutus And Caesar begins with Marco's live click-percussion and Steve's voice. Twitchy, pointed, it grabs the attention from the start. Gradually the band put in all kinds of quirky in-fills enhancing this tale of jealousy and betrayal. Its roots are in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and the performance is all cut and thrust. Both violin and trumpet are as much storytellers as the voice - the saxophone and chorus, brooding and descriptive. Someone recently told the band that Brutus And Caesar was like listening to Velvet Underground playing for pleasure. "We're okay with that, it's possible to see in the dark."


  • Steve Day Voice/hand-percussion.  Live, he enacts original song form through the ensemble's improvisation.  "Just like the other guys in the band, my interest is in improv.  Sure, my stuff is pre-written, the writing element equates to a personal practice, in performance my words undergo a transformation, perhaps even a translation.   Ornette Coleman to Langston Hughes are among my milestones.  I am who I am, carrying many different writers in my pocket; Yeats, Snyder, Plath and Beckett, plus jazz writers like the great Valerie Wilmer.  Eventually you realise you are somewhere on your own and you have to let them all go to some degree."
  • Peter Evans5-string electric violin/violin.  Peter Evans, the best electric violin player in the UK?  Sure, we've heard what some people are saying but we know there are other great players.  It's not about being 'the best'. Peter Evans has his own sound, there is nothing simple about his approach to music.  He had a long association with the Bird Architects, who bridged 'rock', 'jazz' and 'fusion'.  His composition Furlongs Dash is a classic of the genre. As well as being a central force within Blazing Flame Quintet/6, it is also possible to catch Evans performing the classical repertoire with the Dorian String Quartet and other orchestral ensembles. 
  • Mark Langford:  Tenor saxophone/bass clarinet.  Mark Langford was a founder member of Bristol Music Coop, a catalyst for free improvised music in the South West.  Wind & Fingers, Both Hands Free, Thinko Jazz, Outloud and Bullit were just some of the key bands in which he has played reeds, keyboards, and acted as composer.  He has quickly established himself as a vital voice within Blazing Flame Quintet/6, but is also involved in free 'jazz'/improvising ensembles with such players as Phil Gibbs, Paul Anstey, Bob Helson, Dominic Lash and Roger Telford.  Check out the recording Fringe Activity.
  • Julian Dale:  Double bass/cello/voice.  A former winner of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival's Young Composers Competition, Julian Dale first teamed up with the BF-Collective for the Murmuration album.  His career spans a number of key jazz and rock ensembles, playing with ace pianists such as Tim Richards and Raimundo Fernandez.  He  conducts and composes for string and symphony orchestras; recently producing and arranging a 'chamber version' of Steve Day's I Talk To Genius in which Dale performs all the vocal and instrumental parts.  His 'straight' compositions have been broadcast on Radio 3, his bass playing featured on BBC Radio 1,2,3,4,6 & BBC TV 1, 2 & Channel 4.   
  • Marco Anderson:  Drums/percussion.  Marco Anderson is an astonishingly gifted drummer; a creative rhythm hub and complete multi-instrumentalist, producer and teacher.  Anderson has played in a variety of settings and bands including jazz with Paul Dunmall, fusion with Peter Evans and blues with the legendary Tony (TS) McPhee.  He brings a dramatic tension to proceedings, offering a wide filigree of percussive colourings. "We are hoping that Marco will also be able to contribute his undoubted production skills to future recordings."  Catch Marco Anderson on all current Blazing Flame Quintet/6 dates.
  • David Mowat: Trumpet. Now a regular member of Blazing Flame Quintet/6, David Mowat will be in the line-up for the new Leo Records album 2019.  David is an eloquent trumpet explorer.  He has played with key figures like Brian Abrahams, Gail Thompson, Mick Beck and Harrison Smith.  He currently leads the Bristol European Jazz Ensemble and the Chai For All Ensemble. Check out their cutting edge album Longing, Belonging And Balfour.  David's presence in Blazing Flame Quintet/6 not only contributes a brass voice to the mix, he connects closely with the philosophical heart of the band.  Note: The BEJE is currently on tour, see here

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Blazing Flame Quintet/6: 



"Thanks so much for last night. It was a great evening....  the band were hugely impressive.... people there really enjoyed the challenge of your music and performance..... (and) came away raving about you and the band.  Good luck with your work in the future."


Geraldine Hill-Male, Chew Valley Arts Project  


Wrecked Chateau (Leo Records CD LR 855)



Back Into The High Tide We Go * He's Crazy * Snap Shots Of The Boy * Russian Doll * Wrecked Chateau * Flaming Gershwin * Regular Queens With Three Stray Horns * Brutus And Caesar  


Note: Above Flaming Gershwin is the studio recording via a radio podcast. 


"The thoughtful notes of the bass clarinet accompanied by the double bass played with the bow introduce Snap Shots of the Boy…… In the middle of engaging solos, comes the violin entwined with the trumpet played with a mute, then the verses of a poet who truly has so much to say within the current contemporary music scene."

Music Zoom, Italy, March 2019 


 "….. the Flames improvising Fire-and-Feline music.  They play hot, or just flicker bow strokes; flicker saxophone or accelerate on circulating trumpet - the best band that can do anything like this." 

Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy, Germany, March 2019 



Click here to see and hear Blazing Flame Quintet/6 performing Snap Shots Of The Boy at the Alma Tavern Theatre on 24th March 2019  





Press Statement 


This new line-up of Blazing Flame exudes quality.  Wrecked Chateau is an exploratory album containing eight tracks harbouring words of targeted power - "…so roams the wolf pack through the Landfill of Eden"; instrumentally this is structured improvising of a high order.  Mark Langford's tenor break on Flaming Gershwin is a precise instant signature running abstraction very deep. The UK has a unique six piece quintet; part basking in non intentional 'jazz-rock', yet at the same time imploding such a description by delivering cutting edge song/poetry.  In its own way, a breakthrough revelation.     



Tony Benjamin,  B24/7, November 30th 2018, UK


Blazing Flame Quintet/6 "kicked things off with propulsive energy and a kind of subverted jazz-rock.... Mark Langford's tenor sax playing off Peter Evan's stabbing violin.  Back Into The High Tide....  (uses) incendiary verbal phrases thrown into and across the beat and howled throughout to provide as much a musical contribution as angry lyric...."


For the full review click here.  


In the same review, BeforePoets -

James Stallard: "His unhurried delivery was crisp and clear.... unfolded bewilderingly in a relentless collage of handheld movie clips, abstract ideas, well-honed connotative phrases.... and even the occasional joke.... a roller coaster ride."

Julie  Tippetts: "As she began reading pieces like Dismantling The Waterfall and Waterwings it was clear that she savoured the sound of her words.... (a) measured poetry and musical integrity that showed how the two could coexist on equal terms."

Steve Day: Think of combining poetry and jazz and you think, probably, of Greenwich Village coffee bars, black-shrouded beatnicks and finger snapping approval.... there is a definite echo of those days in Steve Day's declamatory performances...." 





are a performance poetry collective consisting of


Steve Day, Julie Tippetts, James Stallard, Phil Madden






BeforePoets performance consists of four separate spoken word sets; solo and in collaboration with musicians.  The content is constantly being revised.  One larger joint work is featured involving the whole ensemble, the live music being drawn from a coterie of musicians with established links with B-Poets.


Click here to see and hear: James Stallard reading - at the Alma Tavern Theatre on 24th March 2019. 


Click here to see and hear:  Steve Day and Mark Langford performing spoken word/music - at the Alma Tavern Theatre on 24th March 2019. 


Click here to hear: Steve Day reading three poems from his book The Edge Of England, in duet with Mark Langford playing bass clarinet.  Syd's Body, Connection Blues, I Know No Meaning For The Word Divine.



  • Julie Tippetts is best known for her singing in partnership with Keith Tippett, Martin Archer and Maggie Nicols, and her early involvement with Brian Auger & The Trinity.  What many people do not realise is that Julie has always written poetry for spoken word.  Imaginative tales that hark back to the tradition of story tellers, yet infused with an insight that is totally contemporary.  Expect a charisma of words.
  • James Stallard currently has a collection of selected writings called Readings Edition 13, 5, 7 and 3 Poems.  His work is unique; short aphorisms or narratives that plunge possible interpretations into an abyss of meaning.  Intriguing, mischievous and targeted, sometimes garlanded with a humorous playful quality; always written as a result of acute observation.  He asks you to listen.  He's a man who rarely shouts.  
  • Phil Madden's work is literally drawn down, a poetry written in tandem to the work of fine art engravers Paul Kershaw and Peter Lazarov.  With Paul came the books, The Amphibious Place, Paths, Wings Take Us and Running Rings. With Peter, The Urban Moon and The Puppeteer and The Puppet.  "All sorts of shapes and references can be found..... above all we hope, the koan of stillness and movement."


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