Throughout 2019, starting in June, there will be a previously unpublished poem by Steve Day posted on this page. 


Poem Of The Month













A case of rhino carried across

borders as aphrodisiac.

The country seeks some kind of leadership

by spoon feeding Viagra in the

punch line to ignore the climate crisis.



Here in the hinterland a rhino

dies leaving no tracks

to travel and in any case, what part does a

rhino play? In the theatre every

window is now boarded up leaving old



celebrity safaris to take the air

out of our arguments.

Carbon comedians spoil their ballot papers

claiming they do not recognise

cheap shots aimed at little-game-hunters



using stand-up comedy to hassle

a laugh out loud for an

animal only ever seen on Attenborough.

In this commentary-of-terrors

the audience treasures Attenborough.



And there, dead in a ditch, not

rhino; a decaying body of

disbelief is attended by a political circus

performing the last rites of an

old empire emptying itself of plunder.



In Malaysia she was taken over

by cancer's tumours; the

deep long passing in sanctuary cast into

lines of marks to be worn away.

No applause at the grubby end of time.  



In a suitcase the rhino is packed

beneath the underwear,

undetected at the airport customs check.

Each long haul flight to wherever 

next short cuts our suicidal extinction.



On 23rd November 2019 the final female Sumatran rhino 

died in Malaysia, marking the end of the species in that country.