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Extract from a work in progress:



                            1st June 2020   



                 Oh, tell me why burn your own houses down?

               No need to answer, I know pent up anger and

               constant, constant pressure, can turn a man


               into a raging bull but raging bulls go nowhere,

               just staggering, until they are unable to stand.

               It's when they lynch you just because they can.


               Falling for such a circle of oppression is bound

               to end in blood and fear. Burning your own land

               brings forth plagueground, barren and damned.


               Burrow above, breakout from suffocating their

               agenda, give us all a sense of the sky. Protect

               the very place you call home and then connect


               with the heart that keeps you alive. Let's live

               not die in a plastic plant pot; we are men yet

               it is the integral earthworm that wins the bet,


               refreshing barren soil, gives air to the ground,

               slithering free of the traps. For anger, expect

               more anger, for justice, civil rights and respect.