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Letters from Steve Day: Twice Weekly Posting




There will be a twice weekly posting on this page until the end of May 2019. The only time they won't appear is when I'm out of town. I'm a writer, poet, musician (of a sort); a member of The Green Party and Amnesty International, roughly a Buddhist, some kind of humanist. Labels. What I'm actually about is writing truth up onto the wall of lies; organic survival one way or another. These postings will be about all of us.


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Monday 25th March 2019



“…. You have to love the indigenous wild men

to walk with them, pitch a tent in their

encampment. Or bring your own brethren.”

Adopting Referenda



Last night I played a gig at Alma Theatre with Blazing Flame Quintet/6, prefacing the band performance with a spoken word set. Twenty minutes of my writing given voice. A duet, Mark Langford’s bass clarinet soundtracking the sense of my sentences. Then came James Stallard, solo, starting with a homage to Lawrence Ferlinghetti on his hundredth birthday. An interval, followed by The Flame; Peter Evans’ electric violin somehow contacted nature and the pulse of things. It was a benefit concert for Amnesty International.


These are difficult times. Sarah from Amnesty gave me a badge just before I went on stage; it reads ‘I Welcome Refugees’. I wore it during the concert. I haven’t unpinned it.  Fact is fact, people who have been displaced should not be turned away. Okay, so what am I going to do about it other than wear a badge? What are we all going to do about it?



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