Throughout 2019, starting in June, there will be a previously unpublished poem by Steve Day posted on this page. 


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The Boating Party




          The greening of seas recedes in ripening

             below the grey coral. They no longer snorkel

             their dreams in the well of sleep.

             For them comes emerald darkness erasing

             colour's no return into a long haul disturbance.


           Was it a wedding or a birthday? Another trip

             to the barrier reef. But a frying pan now marks

             songlines of experience, scorching

             shelter beneath the bush fire ghosts of

             Sidney City already haunted by burnt ancestors.


           The boating party has fallen overboard into

             the night awaiting the tell-tale sign of sharks

             feeding ash cooked in green shallows,

             exchanging the cast of nets for cameras.

             The harm done, pawned to news photography.


             Water boatmen still fly, to bait the great surf

             of plankton. Gone fishing for sleep just as the

             boat sinks deeper into silt mined

             for gold nuggets. Uncomfortable words 

             written for a boating party awake to greening.